Current Work: The Arrest

For those that don’t know, a novella is longer than a short story but shorter than a full-fledged novel. So, I’m currently writing my first novella. I figure this novella will have about 25,000 words when it is complete. I didn’t have the intent to make it so long when I first began, but I must have nudged open a creative spot in my brain because I cannot stop writing about it. One scene flows right into the next. That’s right, this story has multiple scenes and characters. Don’t ask me how many it will have when complete because I just don’t know. Thank goodness my writing software gives me a simple way of organizing such things.

The story begins with a simple traffic stop where a police officer stops someone for speeding and finds out the person has warrants for her arrest. Things escalate quickly when she refuses to cooperate and nearly kills the police officer. She escapes, kills several other people, and just when law enforcement believes they have her surrounded, she disappears by stepping through what looked like a tear in space. I know, I know…sounds like another dumb science fiction story that goes nowhere. Trust me! I’m finding this project fun because of the plot and no, I’m not about to reveal the plot here. That would defeat my efforts of trying to entertain people.

It’s important to mention I’ve never written a story that included science fiction, sexual innuendo, and nudity so that might be part of the self-elation I’m feeling, but I’m going with the ability to fully develop my characters. I’m having tremendous fun creating and growing these individuals to fit the roles I need them to fill. The novella gives me the room to focus on this aspect of my writing which I never enjoyed with a simple short story.

I do plan to start releasing the chapters here soon, maybe as early as next week. Depending on any feedback I receive, I may build this one story into a series. Only time and imagination will tell. Toodles! JAL

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