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About six months ago, I stumbled across a website while browsing Instagram. promotes users’ blogs through a membership program and contests. I signed up and have since published 25 short stories on their website. It’s a unique service that brings like-minded writers together into communities where they can share their stories, collaborate and become a resource for each other. You can see my published work at Since I’m new to Vocal, I’ve been experimenting with their different communities looking for a home from which to explore my writing further. So if you do decide to check out any of my stories there, you’ll find me in several communities. I hope you enjoy them!

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This is an individual website that I use like a journal to keep a record of my writings. It is not a commercial site, so I have no intention of advertising any products or services for anyone. I guess it's important to state here that all works are original and are my property. © 2021. Thanks!
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