Accepting tips & coffee donations!

Here’s a really quick post about a new widget I added over in the sidebar. I like to do most of my writing late at night after the house has gone to bed and it’s just me, the dog, the cat, and the two kittens. I can get a surprising amount of words written in a short time frame because there are no interruptions and I stay focused. Then it dawned on me that I recall seeing some blogs that solicit donations and tips. Now I realize this project of mine isn’t going to make me rich unless some powerhouse publishing company finds me out of the millions of authors out there and likes what I write. However, it’s not unreasonable to ask for help with the occasional cup of coffee. I’m really a cheap date. I drink the plain off-the-shelf, brew it at home black coffee.

Since I’m new to a lot of this, I found several solutions ranging from a full-blown commerce widget to a simple scan code that accepts different payment apps. So far, I’ve figured out how to add the Cash App and I plan to add and Venmo in the coming days. Nothing fancy or intrusive. Just a simple way of helping a poor old writer keep his eyes open late at night. Of course, if that’s not your sort of thing to do, I’m just as happy to accept any comments you may leave. Just keep them constructive and remember the world will see them, so nothing obscene, please. Again, thank you for joining me on my journey. I hope I make it worthwhile for both of us.