Kort Bright: Character Development

Gabriel’s Sword has several characters and this post discusses the most important character in the novella. Kort doesn’t enter the storyline until the 3rd scene. By then, the storyline is well underway and the plot is beginning to develop. Kort is introduced as a secondary character who plays a Texas Ranger brought in to investigate several law enforcement murders. Kurt’s personality propels him to a primary status because his role required him to be involved more than initially thought.

This is a good thing because Kort’s background  shows he used to getting involved. His demographics are Catholic Irish, 25+ with Texas Highway Patrol, 6’4″, 225lbs, divorced, and dedicated to always getting his man. He’s used to working alone without any support, but was only recently promoted to Ranger Sergeant which brought with it, administrative duties.

Kort is also a quick study and it doesn’t take him long to figure out a plan to track down and bring the suspects in, dead or alive. It’s often been said amongst Texas Lawmen that if they can’t get their man, to call Ranger Bright. He will get the job done. Such is the case in this story. It hasn’t taken Kort long to find himself alone in the dark in the woods stalking his suspect, a female serial killer of cops.

Kort isn’t concerned if he will or won’t catch her. His only concern is if it will take all night and if she come peacefully or will he have to kill her. That’s how Kort’s mind works. There are no mitigating circumstances. If the suspect broke the law and the offence is bad enough to get him involved, then nothing else matters.