About Me

Hi and welcome to my little nook on the Internet. I’m a native-born American and I’ve resided here in Texas with my family for the past forty or so years. I’m retired now and disabled. What that means is I lost my ability to stand or walk about six years ago. It made things difficult for me because I was accustomed to being one of the taller people in a room at 6’5″. I’ve gotten used to it and in my retirement years, I’ve decided to parley my life experiences into short stories that entertain and inform folks. Eventually, I’ll get around to writing a book if I live long enough.

For now, I want to focus on getting as much of my life experiences into print as I can because you never know when you might start forgetting things. I especially like to take an experience I’ve had and write a fiction piece around it for the purpose of telling a story. You’ll find some of my stories are rooted in events that have actually happened to me or others I knew at the time and I’ve elaborated on them a little to make them entertaining or to impart a life lesson. Lately, I’ve been writing children’s short stories that include a little magic, some adventure, and a whole bunch of common sense about anything to do with growing up. I don’t fancy myself a professional writer or author, but I do have a passion for reading and writing. I was educated at the University of Texas and professional life required I spend more than my fair share of time researching information and turning that information into readable articles and reports. Now, I must admit, I currently do this because I enjoy it. I am passionate about it. Thus, I have no editors or publishers breathing down my neck demanding the next story or chapter. I produce stories and publish them here or on other social media sites for all to read. If you find a story you especially enjoyed and want to see me develop it further, drop me a comment. I love meeting folks and it will let me know others are reading what I write.