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  • Name change for the Novella

    One of the first things I learned way back in college when writing fiction was to let the creative juices flow and hold off on editing until after you’ve got the first draft ready. There are some valid reasons for this, but it’s human nature to make changes if they just make sense. Such is…

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  • Excerpt from “The Arrest”

    The following excerpt is from the beginning of the novella. I’m writing this in the first person since it’s easier to get my thoughts on paper quickly. This is the first draft and as I develop the story further, I will most likely change narrators occasionally and I’ll definitely add more scripted conversations between the…

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  • Current Work: The Arrest

    For those that don’t know, a novella is longer than a short story but shorter than a full-fledged novel. So, I’m currently writing my first novella. I figure this novella will have about 25,000 words when it is complete. I didn’t have the intent to make it so long when I first began, but I…

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